Tools for Lashon Hakodesh 9

There is a word that loves going incognito in Hebrew language. The word של.  Of.

The words סוס פרעה mean The horse of Phraoah. Although their is no של there, we make it as if there is and it went into incognito mode.

This happens whenever we have two nouns next to each other. This is SOOO COMMON!!!

בני ישראל means “Sons of Israel”. – It is so sad that so many people who graduated the Orthodox System in America, from the best yeshivot, don’t know this. I get “Jewish People” “Children of Israel”.

בן means Son.

בנים means Sons.

בנים של ישראל – we drop ם של, they go into incognito mode,  and we are left with בני ישראל.

Here is a question that will stump most people. If סוסי פרעה means horses of Pharoah, and בני ישראל means sons of Israel, so what does אלוקי אברהם mean? The G-ds of Abraham?!!??


The answer is that when you have  אלוקי אברהם it just means that there is a ם של  that dropped, that went incognito. This just means that it says אלוקים של אברהם. And אלוקים is not a plural word. It is the way the word is in single form.





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