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J.W.U. Sefirat HaOmer Project

Learn the importance of working on the Middot of Sefirat Haomer.

Motivational Speaking

Create an unforgettable event with Rabbi Farhi’s inspiring motivational classes.

Effective Learning Coach

Learn how Rabbi Farhi’s unique, Torah-based coaching method can revolutionize both your academic and Torah studies. Different options available.

Women Parasha Chaburas

A weekly chabura limited to an intimate group size. Discover how the weekly Parsha gives us the tools we need to grow and succeed.

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I love reading Rabbi Yosef Farhi’s columns, which are so full of wisdom and practical advice. He is a truly caring person, who is devoted to helping people grow and develop their spiritual potential.

- Dr. Miriam Adahan, psychologist and author

I have been reading your Parsha-sheet for 7 years. Its ideas are deep, original, inspiring yet surprisingly simple and well sourced.

- T S

Thanks to you Rabbi Farhi, seeing as I never have time to keep up with the weekly Torah Portion, now I feel like you’ve been guiding us every week to hear the unique messages Hashem is communicating through the Parshat Shavuah.  These "Torat chaim" life principles make the Torah and our connection to Hashem come alive.  I so appreciate this learning and look forward to continuing after the holidays.

- Devorah Yaffar Singer

The effective learning course is not just a course that if you have understood it, good for you, and if not you wasted some money. Rabbi Farhi makes sure that each person signing up for the course benefits from the tools taught and is able to use them.

-M. S. Spitzer

I would like to grade the "thinking about me" weekly newsletter. I give it a 4 p's. I find that it delivers Profound jewish Perceptions. Its style is of understanding and using the common person's Psychology "midot" and way of thinking, and most important, it leads us with Practical ways of applying those most important concepts into our lives.  i wish rabbi yosef much hatzlacha in bringing people closer to hashem by guiding them to be better people.  
with best wishes,
 - Avraham Goldstein, Mohel in Jerusalem

I've been a regular reader of Rabbi Farhi's weekly Divrei Torah, since he began publishing them. In particular I enjoy how he brings the Jewish angle to universal philosophical, psychological, and practical issues. Very rewarding reading.

- Raphael Zeevi, New York

Rabbi Farhi helped me clarify what I wanted to work on and gave simple and use full tips on how to reach my goal. B"H i have started using his advise and seen much improvement.
                                                                   - a.s.    

Thank you Rabbi Farhi, for the very real, relatable, heartfelt, and inspiring divrei Torah. I learned a lot from the shofar shiur you gave last week. Toda raba! 
                                                                                                             - aviva     

Dear Rabbi, I just want to say how much i have been inspired by your weekly torah email thinking of me. It strikes a note with me each time i read it.I look forward to receiving it each week . you should be matzliach with your new web site. Keep writing these amazing weekly parsha sheets.

- Aryeh leib Cass Bayit Vegan Jerusalem

Thanks so much for your amazing advice and techniques! The wisdom you share is practical, sensitive, insightful and can be used to help people properly set and achieve their goals in all aspects of life.

- Moshe B. Monsey NY

It is a shame that you do not print out Bein Hazmanim your Parshe Sheets because they really boost me up. Seriously.

- David F, Israel

I used to hate reading. After the course, I learned how to love reading and learning. Now, that i jumped to speeds of 900 words a minute, I find all different tools for life in the books that I read. Books that I would never have gotten to, if not for Rabbi Farhi's skills of Effective Reading.

- Avigdor, Brooklyn

Hello Rabbi Farhi, My husband and I wait every week to read your weekly dvar torah. We would like to receive them by email if possible. Thank you

- Anonymous, Israel

אבא שלי, אמריקאי מבני ברק בן 88 עד מאה ועשרים אוהב מאד מאד את פרשת השבוע של הרב פרחי. הוא מבקש ממני בכל יום חמישי אחהצ שאדפיס לו את מה שכתב הרב על הפרשה. בשבועות שאין זה ממש ממש חסר לו. הוא אוהב את השקפת עולמו ואת הפסיכולוגיה שמאחורי המילים.
יישר כוח על האתר.

- Anonymous, Israel

Hi rabbi! I am a former student in yeshiva Lev Aharon and I want to thank you for your weekly Dvar Torah that you send out every week, I enjoy it very much! Every week I print it out and even make a few copies to spread it around my shul so not only I can read this amazing Dvar Torah, but so can other people!

- David, NY

Unbelievable! Awesome! Mamesh the highest!

- Anonymous

Thank you I really enjoy how you integrate your coaching knowledge with the Parsha. I fwd it on to many.

- C S, Ramot

Rav Farhi Hi, i am writing to you beacause i love the Dvar Toires that you write every week. Would you be able to send me all the Dvar Toires of this year. Best regards

- E M, Mexico

Shalom my name is Mendy and I was wondering/hoping you'd be able to continue sending the weekly vort its has helped me tremendously in the past and I'd appreciate it greatly if this would be possible. thank you so much. Shabbat Shalom

- Mendy F

Your weekly “ThinkingaboutMe” are uniformly excellent, and are helping many people. Keep up the very good work. Yeyasher kochachem, v’chazak ubaruch.

-E F, Jerusalem

greetings rabbi farhi. a big yasher koach for your very interesting weekly - it is much appreciated by many, is amusing, educational and always brings out a very good point. wishing you continued hatzlacha to inspire klal yisroel!

- A T, Jerusalem

Hi rabbi! I am a former student in yeshiva Lev Aharon and I want to thank you for your weekly Dvar Torah that you send out every week, I enjoy it very much! Every week I print it out and even make a few copies to spread it around my shul so not only I can read this amazing Dvar Torah, but so can other people!

- David, NY

Lechavod Rabbi Farhi, I did receive your video and I also think it is very true!!!! It put pieces together and made a lot of sense!!! Thank you very much!!! And will defiantly pass on!!!

- B G, Jerusalem

Hi, Can you send me your parsha. It’s really good. You must put a lot of work into it. Can you also send me a copy of last week’s.

- Y, Neveh Yaakov

I love your ideas. Wishing you great sucess. Please continue to distribute your flyers in the synagogs too. Thay give me extra desire to come and read them between and after prayers. All the best!

- Mordechai, Yerushalayim

the greatest weekly insights to the world of chinuch and kiruv based on the parsha.

- anonymous london


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Whose problem is it?


A common question I need to ask when coaching someone is, who has the problem. Are you looking for change, or is someone else sending you to change, because they can’t deal with you? The other day, a certain friend I know from London asked me for a good therapist to go to. I asked…

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Proud to get a 60


The first thing I did on my first day on the job as a Rebbi for post high school, was reinstall test taking. Test taking is one of the most beneficial ways for a person to be able to “own” the information. To review it in a way that you can answer it later, is…

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Yeshiva Students Learning Talmud

A new way of education…


I help 7th and 8th graders, through high school, achieve their inner academic and social greatness. Taking them from the bottom 30 percent to the top 30 percent. Last week a boy came to speak to me. He was sent by his father, because he had no motivation to learn. He was getting 60s on…

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Widening your options


When the learner gets stuck, he says I don’t know. I don’t understand. This inner voice stops the learner from being able to think. It shuts off the learning engine. It turns off the “thinking cap”. Then “spacing out” kicks in. Just changing the wording to I don’t know yet, I don’t understand yet, keeps…

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Stand for Talmud study (stender for gemara in Hebrew)

The way our ancestors learnt…


The other day I met an 8th grade Rebbe, and we started speaking. When he asked me what I do, I told him. I am an Effective Learning Coach, for 7th , 8th grade, through high school. So he asked me what my method is based off of. I told him that parts of the method are based…

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click behukotay 2018 to download  LIFESTYLES Parashat Behaalotcha One of the biggest problems facing the Orthodox Jew is the belief that a Jew can keep “the 613” while living the lifestyle of “keeping up with the gentiles”. Who is setting the standard of what we want and what we don’t want in life? The way we live,…

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A GOOD HEART Sefirat Haomer The most important word I learnt since I started coaching is the word resourcefulness. Tony Robbins, the world’s leading coach says, When people fail to achieve, they often say they are missing resources like time, money, people and so on. Yet, the top achievers in the world know that resources…

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Tools to enjoy the sweetness of Torah. Learn how to enjoy learning Torah.Learn why it is so important to make Torah enjoyable. And learn how to enjoy Torah so that our children and disciples will enjoy it as well.

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Every crisis in life boils down to an identity crisis.

- Rabbi Yosef Farhi

Figure yourself out first and then your life will figure itself out.

- Rabbi Yosef Farhi

People who find serenity found it inside themselves. 

- Rabbi Yosef Farhi

Every unhealthy relationship or situation has an expiration date.

      -  Rabbi Yosef Farhi

חרטה , Regret, is not about feeling bad about the terrible things you’ve done. חרטה , Regret, is realizing how great you could have been.

-Rabbi Yosef Farhi




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