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Rosh Hashana

click rosh hashana 2020 for download NEVER READY ENOUGH Rosh Hashana Rosh Hashana has three seemingly unrelated main themes. 1. It is a day of crowning G-d as King, negating, completely, that there is any “independent” force, such as “nature”. Malchuyot. 2.  It is a day of judgement, a day of renewal of the world.…

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click nitzavim 2020 b for download THE PROCRASTINATION PLUNGE Nitzavim Vayelech A 60-year-old man is cleaning out his drawer. He notices a note from the shoemaker, dated 20 years back. He never got around to picking the shoes up, and he had completely forgotten about them. He decides to add some spice to life, to…

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click ki tavo 2020 for download HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Parashat Ki Tavo A 50+ year old brother and sister asked me to help them with their Hebrew. That is what I do; helping people improve their prayer and learning, communicating with G-d, on every level possible. Their elderly father asked to speak to me.…

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Click Ki Tetzte for print MEANINGFUL IMPACT Parashat Ki Tetze There are three judgements all souls need to go through by the Heavenly court. 1. Rosh Hashana. 2.When one dies. 3. And at the resurrection of the dead. (Ramban Shaar Hagmul) When King Shaul brought the soul of the prophet, Shmuel, down to earth to…

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THE ART OF CONTEMPLATION Parashat Devarim G-d told Moshe,  הָב֣וּ לָ֠כֶם אֲנָשִׁ֨ים חֲכָמִ֧ים וּנְבֹנִ֛ים Appoint for yourselves judges that are wise and intelligent men. It is not enough to be wise and knowledgeable in Torah. One needs to also have intelligence, the ability to contemplate, discern and deduce. Moshe was commanded to choose, as judge,…

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