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Predicting positively


The greatest nemesis of public speaking is the fear of it. The fear comes from a negative prediction of something that might happen. You might get a negative comment. No one will laugh at your humor. People will not follow your flow of ideas. You might forget a part of your speech in the middle.…

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Questions to get you thinking…


There are some questions you need to ask yourself once you decide that you want to speak. Only by answering these questions, and questions of this sort, will you be able to force yourself to focus in the direction that will be most effective in gathering content. What type of speeches does this specific audience,…

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Tools for Lashon Hakodesh 12


There is no word in Hebrew for “it”. Instead, the word used is either He or She, הוא or היא. This can be annoying for someone who is an American Israeli. They can say, “I love learning Torah. She is so much fun to learn. ” In other words, since the Hebrew word of תורה…

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Two types of handwriting analysis


There are two parts of handwriting analysis. There is Micro. And there is Macro. Micro is to see the signs of how the letter is written. I have in my house a 300 page book from the letters א-ל just on the different ways people make each and every letter, and what each way means.…

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