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Click MIKETZ 2018 to download DOOMED TO ORDINARINESS Parashat Miketz The same changes that even the greatest Tzaddikim cannot achieve during the moments of Neilah on Yom Kippur, any simple Jew can achieve with the power of a prayer and a tear that he sheds next to the candles of the eighth day of Chanukah. (Rebbe from…

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Click vayeshev 2018 for download  LEADERSHIP WAZE Parashat Vayeshev Most people think that the qualities necessary to become a leader are virtues such as honesty, integrity, the ability to be committed and passionate, communication skills, decision-making capabilities, accountability, delegation, creativity, etc. etc. Those are all important, but they are not the key virtue. According to President Eisenhower,…

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Click vayishlach 2018 to download UNENTITLEMENT Parashat Vayishlach An interesting question occurred to R Yitzhak Zilberstien. A certain philanthropist made a speech about how he made his money. “All my advisors told me not to lose a certain amount of money because of Shabbat, but I lost the money anyway. In that merit, I am rich today.”…

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