YOSEF FARHI - Writer and host

I love reading Rabbi Yosef Farhi’s columns, which are so full of wisdom and practical advice. He is a truly caring person, who is devoted to helping people grow and develop their spiritual potential.

Dr. Miriam Adahan, psychologist and author


To whom it may concern: 

Rabbi Farhi came to the Emek Learning Center before Yom Kippur to give us some inspiration. His words were very  well received and greatly enjoyed by the listeners. There was very impressive content in his presentation. He came on time, and also had time afterwards to speak to people who wanted further elaboration on what he said. Although most of the listeners were shomrai mitzvos, one individual was not, and came up to me after the drasha to say he has decided to change his yom kippur plans, and not go in a car on the holy day.

May he continue to inspire people to come close to HaShem,

Yehoshua Wechsler, Director of Programming, Emek Learning Center

Many coaches are well meaning, eager to help and well trained.  Some go further and are willing to share their own vulnerability in their process.  

For me , what distinguishes Rabbi Farhi's writing is his solid Torah Hashkafa.  His work is grounded in the words of the Chachomim and his commitment to help others shines through.

Myriam Kalchstein LMSW
Brooklyn NY

I've been a regular reader of Rabbi Farhi's weekly Divrei Torah, since he began publishing them.  In particular I enjoy how he brings the Jewish angle to universal philosophical, psychological, and practical issues. Very rewarding reading.
Raphael Zeevi, New York


Rabbi Farhi’s course is an excellent introduction to the major principles of effective learning. Whether it’s making effective goals, memory techniques, changing limiting beliefs, or advice on how to change, R’ Farhi presents the key ideas that will help you know how to move forward. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve his learning and is willing to take action to do something about it.


Thanks for the course and your great parsha sheets!

Kol tuv

Yonason Arenias

Dear Rabbi

I just want to say how much i have been inspired by your weekly torah email thinking of me. It strikes a note with me each time i read it.I look forward to receiving it each week . you should be matzliach with your new web site. Keep writing these amazing weekly parsha sheets

Aryeh leib Cass Bayit Vegan Jerusalem

Hi Rabbi Farhi
I attended the classes that were given in ohr someyach and wanted to write a testamonial:
I have gained many tools for learning and growing and think the more I put it to practice the more I will be able to achive.
thank you Rabbi Farhi

Ohr Sameach, Israel

Dear Rabbi Farhi, Shlita

I read your publication ThinkingaboutMe on a weekly basis and I just wanted to let you know how much I (and my family and my next door neighbor who requests it every week) enjoy it. Your unique ability to present the lessons of the Torah and timeless wisdom of Chazal in an engaging and contemporary style is amazing. The current and real life applications that we can all relate to, makes the inspiration really "hit home". May Hashem enable you to continue strengthening Klal Yisroel for many years to come.
E S, Israel

It is a shame that you do not print out Bein Hazmanim your Parshe Sheets because they really boost me up. Seriously.
David F, Israel

Before Rabbi Farhi's course, I was told by proffesionals that I am dyslexic. When I first met Rabbi Farhi, I read at the speed of 100 words a minute, with 30 percent comprehension. After sitting with Rabbi Farhi, for just a few meetings, I was able to jump to 300 words a minute with 100 percent comprehension!!!! I eventually became top student in the Yeshiva I was learning, went on to the Mir, and married a top girl!

Yeshiva Bachur from Manschester

Rabbi Farhi's course is not just a learning course. It is a life course. It will litteraly, change your life. I know how to master my mind in a way that I am more grounded in my life goals and learning goals. I not only helped my own learning, I was able to help my kids with the tools taught in the course, and their grades jumped overnight!"

Simcha, Jersulaem

I used to hate reading. After the course, I learned how to love reading and learning. Now, that i jumped to speeds of 900 words a minute, I find all different tools for life in the books that I read. Books that I would never have gotten to, if not for Rabbi Farhi's skills of Effective Reading.

Avigdor, Brooklyn

Hello Rabbi Farhi,
My husband and I wait every week to read your weekly dvar torah.
We would like to receive them by email if possible.
Thank you
Anonymous, Israel
אבא שלי, אמריקאי מבני ברק בן 88 עד מאה ועשרים אוהב מאד מאד את פרשת השבוע של הרב פרחי. הוא מבקש ממני בכל יום חמישי אחהצ שאדפיס לו את מה שכתב הרב על הפרשה. בשבועות שאין זה ממש ממש חסר לו. הוא אוהב את השקפת עולמו ואת הפסיכולוגיה שמאחורי המילים.
יישר כוח על האתר.
Anonymous, Israel

Hi Rabbi Farhi

I am a grandmother living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I am so glad to have the opportunity to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate your e-mails and recently, your videos.

Each week I wait for your e-mail and I am never disappointed.

Your e-mails are always positive, building, interesting and inspiring.

I really feel I have benefited greatly from your coaching skills and emuna and authentic Torah outlook.

I have printed out some e-mails so I can do chazara on them as I found them so helpful.


Many grateful thanks and my best wishes and brochas for your continued success and positive influence.

Kind regards


Chaya S

Appreciation from Lack

Dear R' Yosef,

Thank you for your weekly publications on the Parsha. For about 2 years I've read them each week. Last week parshas Korach I was especially looking forward to seeing and internalizing your thoughts on the incredible personality of Korach.
When I came Thurs to the Beis medrash in Beis Yisroel where I learn, I didn't find your sheets in their usual spot. I came by again on Fri to check , but they weren't there.
 I realize how much Ive come to enjoy your writings. I recognized this because of the disappointment I felt when it wasn't there this one week.
   Your deep understanding of human psyche and the way you reveal to us these points openly in the Torah is breathtaking. Thank you for all the weeks you put work into writing, publishing and distributing the them, I hope to continue receiving them on all levels.
Ty, Good Shabbos...
Simcha, Yerushalayim

Hi how are you doing ? hope this mail finds you well !

Just to say to thank you !!!!!

Thanks cause tonight we made a Siyum  of our Daf Hayomi shiur , and I was honored to made the Hadran and I was told to give a speech afterwards .

It was my best speech ever in my opinion , I got applaused by every single attendant men and women and its all thanks to you .

I prepared it with the main elements of take off , flying mode and landing by speaking slowly and clearly and it was an amazing outcome in my opinion !


Yeshar Koach I feel so proud of myself I really do!


Be well ,


M, Yerushalayim

Hi rabbi! I am a former student in yeshiva Lev Aharon and I want to thank you for your weekly Dvar Torah that you send out every week, I enjoy it very much! Every week I print it out and even make a few copies to spread it around my shul so not only I can read this amazing Dvar Torah, but so can other people!

David, NY

Unbelievable! Awesome! Mamesh the highest!


Thank you I really enjoy how you integrate your coaching knowledge with the Parsha. I fwd it on to many.

C S, Ramot

Dear Rabbi Farhi, shlita
Thank you for the wonderful divrei Torah below.
I wrote to you some time ago asking why we were not getting your weekly divrei Torah anymore, as my wife and I looked forward to reading them each week. Having read this week’s article below, I have a big tayna on you – how could you have deprived us of such beautiful Torah for so long? I think you will have to mashlim all the weeks that we missed by giving us extra Torah in the future.
Have a good Shabbos.
S. S.
Rav Farhi
Hi, i am writing to you beacause i love the Dvar Toires that you write every week.
Would you be able to send me all the Dvar Toires of this year.
Best regards
E M, Mexico

Shalom my name is Mendy and I was wondering/hoping you'd be able to continue sending the weekly vort its has helped me tremendously in the past and I'd appreciate it greatly if this would be possible. thank you so much

 Shabbat Shalom

 Mendy F

Your weekly “ThinkingaboutMe” are uniformly excellent, and are helping many people.  Keep up the very good work.

Yeyasher kochachem,  v’chazak ubaruch.

E F, Jerusalem

greetings rabbi farhi. a big yasher koach for your very interesting weekly - it is much appreciated by many, is amusing, educational and always brings out a very good point. wishing you continued hatzlacha to inspire klal yisroel!

A T, Jerusalem
Lechavod Rabbi Farhi, I did receive your video and I also think it is very true!!!!
It put pieces together and made a lot of sense!!!
Thank you very much!!!
And will defiantly pass on!!!
B G, Jerusalem
Dear Rabbi Farhi shlit"a,

First of all I'd like to express my gratitude for your amazing weekly insights. I generally pick it up at my yeshiva put they don't always have it. And since I wouldn't wanna miss even one week I'd like so subscribe by e-mail.
Secondly, what would you suggest as a good way to build positive self-esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness? (which I assume are connected)
Thank you for your time
a yeshiva bachur in Eretz Yisrael



Can you send me your parsha. It’s really good. You must put a lot of work into it.

Can you also send me a copy of last week’s.

Y, Neveh Yaakov
 I love your ideas. Wishing you great sucess. Please continue to distribute your flyers in the synagogs too. Thay give me extra desire to come and read them between and after prayers. All the best!
Mordechai, Yerushalayim
I really enjoy reading your weekly columns. It's full of wisdom, wonderful thoughts, and insight. Thank you for giving me the zchus to read it. I look forward to them every week!

Have a wonderful Shabbos and Yasher Koach.

Nissim, Jerusalem
I am in England and this will enhance my shabbos

Will distribute it here

Good shabbos

Have a wonderful Shabbos and Yasher Koach.


L C, Jerusalem
the greatest weekly insights to the world of chinuch and kiruv based on the parsha.

anonymous london