Tools for Lashon Hakodesh 11

There is a rule in Real Estate. Real estate is dependent on three factors. Location. Location. And Location.

There are three factors to take into consideration in Lashon Hakodesh when adding on letters to the root word.

The letter Vav when it is added on, can have different meanings, depending on its location, i.e. where it is added on.

If it is the beginning of the word, it can be the Vav Hahipuch, and it will switch the tenses.

If it is after the first letter of the word, it makes it into present tense.

If it is after the second letter though, it does not make it present. It makes the word that the verb has happened to the object.

, סגור, פתוח , אכול , שמור.  Closed, open, eaten, watched.

If the Vav is added at the end of the word though, it can mean different things. Either him (שלו) , or them (אכלו they ate). It depends on the Nekudot, the vowel sounds.

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