Maybe it is just the way I write!!!

It is common for people to ask me before I read their handwriting, ” I just copied this handwriting from my mother, from the child next to me in class, from …. Who says that this has any indication on my personality?”

On a logical level, Handwriting Analysis is the code to decipher the messages that your subconscious wishes to communicate to the world but can’t. Everyone in the class is taught how to write the letter ל in the same way. But there are at least 13o different types of ways that people form their letter ל, and each one means something else! This is true for every language, for every script. Why doesn’t everyone just make the same exact letters that the government agreed upon that this is the way the script of this letter should be taught!

You might defend, that the reason why you chose to make the letters the way you make them, is because that is just the muscles of your hand, the way you grip the pen, etc.

But if I ask you to sign your name without your hand, i.e. with your mouth, or with a pen between your toes, you would naturally sign the way you do with your hand!!!


Because that is the way your subconscious wants the letters to look! If you copied your mother’s handwriting, that means that you have similarities to your mother’s personality.

You can change your handwriting. But when you do, your personality will change as well. That could be a good thing, or a bad thing! Graphologists call that grapotherapy. More on that later.

There are proofs that handwriting analysis has been around for a while. At least back to the Baal Haturim.

בעל הטורים במדבר פרק א
(כב) לבני שמעון וגו’ לגלגלותם. הלמ”ד עקומה למטה, לפי שהמלמד שלו זמרי בן סלוא חטא ונפלו משבטו. והלמ”ד היא גבוהה מכל האותיות כך חסר משבטו, שלא העמיד לא מלך ולא שופט (מדרש תדשא פרק ח). הלמ”ד השנית דגלגלתם דשמעון עשויה כמגירה וזקופה ואין לה כובע בראשה, לפי שהורה נשיא בית אב לשמעוני זנות בישראל בגילוי הראש ובקומה זקופה:

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