What your signature says about you

Your signature is your business card, it sums up your identity. It is amazing how much a graphologist can see in just a little scribble. From what is written, from how it is written and from what was not written. Even the place where it is written on the page, the size, the curves, the design, the decision of what color pen to use, the feeling of the indentation of the handwriting from behind the signature,… There are endless signs for a graphologist to pick up.

When I analyze someone’s handwriting, I am usually 90 percent accurate. Everything I analyze, everything I see, I explain the sign for that interpretation. The sign is always 100% correct. The interpretation of the graphologist though is what can be off.

For example.

If someone does not include their last name in their signature, that can mean a few things. Either that they do not identify themselves with their family. That their family does not have a clear identity. That this girl is engaged and in the process of changing her family name. That the parents are divorced. Broken home. The options for interpretation  are endless. The sign though is true. Why would the person not include his last name, if I asked them to sign their name?

It is the universal opinion of graphologists that when someone crosses out their name in their signature it is a sign of self defeating thoughts. (This can also just meant that the person likes mussar or self help.) If they cross out twice it could be serious. If it is three times, this can be suicidal.

I remember about a famous personality in the community where I am from, who showed me his signature. It had a cross out on his name. I asked him if he feels that he is successful, if he feels happy and content with who he is. He said yes. I said is this is how you sign your name now? He said No. I used to not feel good about myself, but I have been in therapy and I am more positive about myself. Now my signature is like this. He showed me a signature that had not just one line under it, but three.

When someone has one line under their signature that means that the person is happy with their opinion. R Ovadia Yosef zt”l was a person who had strong opinions. Here is is signature. It is a classic.  Click for R Ovadia’s signature

This person had three under his name!!! I wasn’t sure what this meant. Yet. I needed to go back home, and look at my handwriting analysis resources. I have about 5 books, There is a plethora of handwriting analysis on line. The notes of the course I studied. Or just putting something together from all that I knew.

Bam! There it was. Three lines under his name means he likes to be on stage!!!! (picture the steps in the shul to get up to the podium) This person LOVES getting on stage. He thrives off of it.

It is so funny. Someone from Agudat Yisrael of America wrote a strong article against graphology. I know that America is not so big into graphology as Germany, England, Switzerland, Israel. There are alot of different graphologists saying a lot of different things. I believe that all graphology needs to be logical. EVERYTHING I say, I explain!!!!

After reading the strong minded opinion of this Rabbi against graphology, (something I believe he had no place as a Rabbi of Aguda to comment) I decided that I will test myself. I said, according to all that I know from graphology, how would I predict the signature of Donald Trump, versus the signature of Barak Obama.

I was spot on!!!!

Trump’s signature

Obama’s signature

We will discuss why their signatures are the way they are in a future blog. Stay tuned!

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