Tools for Lashon Hakodesh 7

I have found that many Americans get the words אל  and על confused. This is a very bad thing to confuse. Because if you mix those two up, you are mixing up ALOT  of other words as well. עלי אלי עליך אליך אליו עליו אליהם עליהם.

So if you ask an American, what are the words we sing on Friday Night. שלום עליכם or שלום אליכם, they will tell you, what difference does it make. It means the same!

NO!!!!! It does not !!!!!!!!!!

Here is an easy way to remember. Elal airlines.

Elal is not called that, because it sounds Israeli. Or because Israelis like the letter ל, and they sound different when they make that sound. NO!

אל means To. על means On. To – On. To – Above. This craft will take you above. This is the only type of craft that will take you  to above.

By remembering Elal, you can easily remember that אל means To. And על means On.

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