Tools for Lashon Hakodesh 3

For proper learning, we need to tap into the inner drive of the one who is learning. What do the students want the most? They want to know what they are saying!!! They wish they knew what the words of Kriat Shema meant! ( For some reason, they don’t) They wish they knew what Birkat Hamazon is talking about! ( They sing it, they scream it, but they have no idea what they are screaming or singing) They wish they knew Birkot HaTorah. These three are Mizvoth from the Torah, while the rest of prayers are mostly Mitzvah from the Rabbis. They say these all the time. There is no reason why every single student of every single orthodox school does not know what the meaning of the words he is saying in these three.  If they just know and master these three, they have a nucleus of a nice amount of words that they can grow through the laws of Dikduk.

This needs to be checked by every single child, every single year he/she is in school. They can forget these from year to year. But these fundamentals of our religion is what they always want to know and master. Let us give it to them. It is the minimum they deserve.

P.s. There are only 250 Shoreshim in the whole Lashon Hakodesh!!! Once you get these rules of Dikduk down pat, you are unstoppable! You can read difficult texts like texts from Yechezkel and understand what it means literally even without the Artscroll, I promise ! You can read Tehillim and for once understand what in the world you are saying! Your level of concentration and focus in everything you say in Lashon Hakodesh will go up a million percent!!!  Everything grows from those by adding prefixes and suffixes of past, present or future tense, male – female, singular – plural, etc. And by adding a spice called imagination. Like the word רחמים  mercy, shares the root of רחם, womb. Because they both mean to find a place for a human to exist in a place where there is no place.

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