Is Handwriting Analysis good to see shidduch compatibility?

No! and Yes!

I would not decide anything by handwriting analysis regarding compatibility. But when I see the handwriting of a couple, I can usually tell what their shalom bayit issues stem from.

One woman I know was having Shalom Bayit issues. Neither he nor she was able to understand what the underlying issue was.

I took one look at her handwriting. She signed her last name with her maiden name, not with her husband’s last name.

I asked her if she can tell me a little about how she feels her family respects her husband and his way.

I asked her  how would she feel if she would be starting a whole new way, not her own family’s way, not her husband’s family’s way… but her and her husband’s way. How would she feel about that? Could they discuss between them how they wanted their family table to look, and make that type of family table? What type of education they wanted for the children and give that sort of education?

Can she see  in her husband values that she could respect and allow him to direct the way of the home?

In what way can she give her husband the respect that he needs in order to feel like a husband when he visits her family and is around her parents and siblings?

This opened up a very interesting conversation.

They were just neutral questions. Innocent questions. But not so innocent.

There was someone who had his signature not at all like his handwriting. Totally different. So I told him that the way he presents himself to people is very different from how he communicates and thinks. Almost as if they are two totally different people.

He said he had no idea what I was talking. That was normal for him to say that.

His wife walked by, and I asked her if she can hear my analysis of her husband’s handwriting. She was blown away!! She agreed with all of the things that I said that he denied.

People have blind spots in the way the perceive themselves. This happens all the time. That is why I like to read someone’s handwriting next to people who know them best, so that I can have someone on my side.

When dealing with couples, the personalities are there to be compared on the page. And the differences I see in the comparison is what causes conflicts, even though those same differences is at the root of why these two opposites complement each other so well!


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