Learn the skill of how to open up any passuk, anywhere, and understand what it says.



Connect with G-d on an entirely new level.

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After you learn and master this class you will be able to speak and understand Hebrew. Period.


I love reading Rabbi Yosef Farhi’s columns, which are so full of wisdom and practical advice. He is a truly caring person, who is devoted to helping people grow and develop their spiritual potential.

- Dr. Miriam Adahan, psychologist and author

"Topics that are relevant for all women of ages and stages"

Rabbi Farhi has a delightful and engaging style. He favors an interactive class and encourages participation, connecting the weekly Torah portion with to women of all ages and stages. His unique perspectives, supported by classical sources, address apparent contradictions and complicated concepts, building one simple idea on another.
I believe every one of us will benefit tremendously from Rabbi Farhi's classes so please give it a try.



"This Transformed My Whole Week"

Thank you Rabbi Farhi, for the very real, down to earth , heartfelt, and inspiring divrei Torah.
I learned a lot from the shofar shiur you gave last week.

Toda raba!
Shana Tova,


"It Gave Me New Inspiration"

Thanks to you Rabbi Farhi, seeing as I never have time to keep up with the weekly Torah Portion, now I feel like you’ve been guiding us every week to hear the unique messages Hashem is communicating through the Parshat Shavuah.  These "Torat chaim" life principles make the Torah and our connection to Hashem come alive.  I so appreciate this learning and look forward to continuing after the holidays.

-Devorah Yaffa

I have been reading your Parsha-sheet for 7 years. Its ideas are deep, original, inspiring yet surprisingly simple and well sourced.

- T S

The effective learning course is not just a course that if you have understood it, good for you, and if not you wasted some money. Rabbi Farhi makes sure that each person signing up for the course benefits from the tools taught and is able to use them.

-M. S. Spitzer

Rabbi Farhi helped me clarify what I wanted to work on and gave simple and use full tips on how to reach my goal. B"H i have started using his advise and seen much improvement.
                                                                   - a.s.    

Dear Rabbi, I just want to say how much i have been inspired by your weekly torah email thinking of me. It strikes a note with me each time i read it.I look forward to receiving it each week . you should be matzliach with your new web site. Keep writing these amazing weekly parsha sheets.

- Aryeh leib Cass Bayit Vegan Jerusalem

Shalom my name is Mendy and I was wondering/hoping you'd be able to continue sending the weekly vort its has helped me tremendously in the past and I'd appreciate it greatly if this would be possible. thank you so much. Shabbat Shalom

- Mendy F


How it works

You can book 10 virtual half hours sessions with Rabbi Farhi for 300 usd, a special subsidized rate. Pay via paypal, Chase QP, bank transfer, or credit card.  The plus of booking one on one sessions, is accountability, custom- tailored to your specific needs and level of Hebrew mastery.


The goal of working on Lashon Hakodesh mastery is to empower you to connect to G-d through the prayers on an entirely new level. To be able to communicate with Him, and to bring the words to life. To be able to read Tehillim and understand every word we are saying with ease.

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