Proofread until your eyes bleed

Here is a great video of an interview with my favorite public speaker Charlie Harary.

I definitely recommend watching this entire interview a few times. It has so much in it!!!!!

There is just one part of this interview that I would like to expound on. Charlie has this way of presenting a new idea that people would not think of before the speech.  He learnt how to build an idea, and polish it so much, that he communicates his new idea so clear, that you just say “Wow!”

Working on your content, how you say it, it is key. Writing it down, looking for good lines, how to tweak what you say, is king.

Of course, it can never be perfect, but get the idea that you need to work on your message alot, in order for it to come across in all of its glory.

Once it is written out word for word, and you LOVE the idea that you want to communicate, you need to practice reading it so that you can hear how what you’ve written sounds. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat, until you have a good feel of the words and you mastered the rhythm of your phrases.

Record yourself. Say it over to someone. The practicing out loud is the final polish to make your speech a masterpiece.


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