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click toldot 2019 final for download  LOVE WHAT IS Parashat Toldot The Chafetz Chaim once asked a certain Jew how he was doing. The man said, “It would not hurt if life were a bit better.” The Chafetz Chaim responded, “How could you possibly know that “it would not hurt” if life would be better?…

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Kindness – Inside Out

Click chaye sara 2019 for  download  Kindness – Inside Out Parashat Chaye Sarah R’ Chaim Vital, student of Arizal was quoted saying something that I hope I will never forget.  There are people who perform acts of kindness with everyone, but with their own families, they do not do kindness. They think to themselves that…

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Click vayera 2019 expanded for download SAVE THE MOMENT Parashat Vayera In 1974, Cat’s in the Cradle was the hit song of the day, a song that hit the cords of the hearts of many dads. Here are the lyrics – a real tear jerker. If you know the words, sing them again, so you…

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click lech lecha 2019 for download UNDERSTOOD. RESPECTED. LIKED. Parashat Lech Lecha R Nissim Karelitz Zt”l was once asked the reason why some marriages are not blessed with  tranquility. Is it a budgeting issue? A cultural issue? Technology? A deficiency in communication skills? Conflict of interests, beliefs personalities, levels of religion? Or, maybe all of the above?…

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click noach 2019 for download LEAD LIKE A LION Parashat Noach Alexander the Great once said, I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. What are the qualities of lion-leadership, and what type of leaders are “sheep” leaders? A lion-hearted…

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