I was able to improve drastically my reading and comprehension of gemara, rishonim and achronim. Before Rabbi Farhi's course, I was not able to read through tosefot and understand the main idea. I had to go over t, stop and go again , loosing the thought flow. By applying techniques of the course, in one month, I was able to read through long Ktzos and understand it and say it over in my own words.

Yishai F.

Accelerate learning and effective studying course has helped me very much. I can now read easy to read mussar works נפש החיים, אהבת חסד , ח''ח at a quick pace covering a lot in short time, with out spacing out in middle. As well, but slower understood, Halacha - טו''ר ב''י שו''ע מ''ב  can now be learned much faster ' again avoiding spacing out in middle.

Ecspecially helpful for a quick chazara on שו''ע מ''ב . Also in גמרא the חזרה was made much easier. The above was accomplished mainly by using my finger while learning.

Over all - Great Course!

Thank you!

Mordechai Y.

I found Rabbi Farhi's classes on accelerated learning very helpful in listening, focusin and speed reading etc. and easy to understand and put to use and I highly recommend to anyone interested in enhancing his learning capablities.


Dear R Yosef Farhi

Your shiurim have been excellent, here in the Mir. We signed up for reading skills, you gave us life skills, motivation skills, learning , satisfaction, time management, and relationship skills and more.

יישר כחך

Thank you!

What really brought me to your classes, are your parsha papers you give out for free in the Mir, which help me share a Torah Tool, interesting to our our children and guests by finding myself excited about the practical applications of your Torah Tools and your excellent delivery examples . I use them weekly and enjoy them.

Thank you!

May Hashem give you continued חכמה  and success and to enjoy your work and learning.

בתודה והוקרה

Simcha Yehuda R.

To Rabbi Farhi

I want to thank you again for this amazing course. I feel like I gained a tremendous amount. I see by going through the whole Gemara even if I did not understand it yet, it helps me getting it the 2nd time around. I find your techniques helpful.

Avigdor W.

I feel that I gained alo from the course - not  in that I heard many חידושים but that it helps fine tune יסודות.A person can feel that I learn the best that I could learn, how can I do better?

And then you come to this class and R Farhi gives you all these techniques of how to take it to another level.

Avraham L

I would like to express my הכרת הטוב  for the change you made in my life. BH I had the זכות to come and attend your שיעורים I always thought that the issues and challenges I have was because of an ongoing problem in my life.

But ב''ה, Hashem was מזכה me of meeting R Farhi, who opened up my mind to see things in the right perspective, most important to realize that a בחור can change things what I thought were unchangeable. Your ongoing patience to every single בחור spending hours with us is just amazing.  I could see every time I speak to Rabbi Farhi that when you answer me, you will think twice to make sure its the right answer.

Thanks so much

From your Talmid


Since starting the accelarated learning course , I have seen improvements in my learning first and foremost in the use of the speed reading technique. My Mishna Berura seder which used to take about half hour now takes just over twenty minutes. I have more time for the other limudim. Also, my level of concentration is beter. I hope to keep practicing and get even quicker.

The course was giver over very well and I would recommend others to join.

Tzvi H.


Dear R Yosef Farhi

What I gained from the course is hard to capsulize. However, one of the things I gained is that my reading speed went up. Therefore, I approach reading english books with excitement thereby reading more books.

Another thing I gained was many of the tools we gave for learning helped me feel better about my learning. Also, I gained that now I have higher asperations.

Aharon Y.

Menachem A.

What I really enjoyed about the learning course is that it motivates you to like to read and to get excited about the reading. It helped me with a couple of pointers. Pointing to keep focused, and knowing how to focus on the main idea of what is being read. I also gained that putting words into groups method which I found to be really helpful.

Thank you very much

Nosson G.

Zach S.

Dear Rabbi Farhi

Thank you very much for all you have done for me, including giving me public speaking courses in your home; helping me remembering names in the גמ, to remember which תנא aid what; and teaching me how to remember my learning by memorizing it in a short a way as possible.

Yours truly.

Simcha B.