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» Learn the area of your choice

» Connect and Grow on your own terms

» Transform your learning. Transform your life.

» Proven Method

Effective Learning strategist

» Challenge yourself to push your academic limits

» Read Faster, Comprehend More, Improve Focus 

» Proven method. Many satisfied customers.

» Connect from anywhere in the world...

Maximize learning time

Is your study time important to you?

Do you wish you could triple your learning speed, and cover 3 books in the time it presently takes you to finish one?

Learn how to listen

Do you wish you could improve your listening in class, and improve your listening in converstations?

Fight fatigue

Does learning or reading cause you fatigue? Do you wish you were more focused while reading a book or Sefer, ecspecially Gemarra or text books? Does your mind wander too often while praying?

Memory and test taking

Do you hate tests? Do you wish you could remember your learning better?

Most important

Learn how to love learning and make learning your favorite part of the day.

Contact Rabbi Farhi

We can meet live in Jerusalem, or via Skype/Zoom/ Telephone.

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First consultation Free

For a limited time, you can try out learning with me, and seeing if there is chemistry. You can see, if you are benefitting from these tools. Just fill out the form, and we will find a time that works for both of us!

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A safe choice

Each and every person that used my services have benefitted. If not, their money was returned. Something that so far only happened once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying

I would like to highly recommend Rabbi Yosef Farhi. He has been teaching very successfully in our Yeshiva on a one to one session basis and has helped build up many of our students in a very short amound of time. He is both dynamic and inspirational and an asset to the yeshiva. 

Rosh Yeshivat Lomdei Torah 

R Dovid Behar

I have known Rabbi Yosef Farhi for a very long time and have seen his spectacular work and self-sacrifice in the help of klal yisrael. He would be a great asset to any yeshiva in general, or in working with boys on a personal level. 

Rosh Yeshivat Lev Aharon 

R David Laniado

I gained tremendously from Rabbi Farhi's Effective Learning Course. I learned how to read much faster than when I started. I learned how to make goals and how to accomplish them. Most important, I learned how to ask questions to get the most out of my lessons and discussions. Furthermore, this class has really helped me in many areas of life. 

Leyore Ghalili

About Rabbi Farhi

Rabbi Yosef Farhi is an effective learning coach, who has helped so many students and adults imporve their learning. He has a well known parasha sheet, with thousands of dedicated readers each week. Rabbi Farhi has a weekly phone class for women all over the world who apply the lesson of the Parasha to their every day lives. Rabbi Farhi has helped many students and adults tap into their greatest potential, from all different levels and ages. He has changed the lives of many.
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